Own Production

Packaging Emigration owns packaging production facilities in Lithuania (Kaunas) since 1991, located in perfect, from logistic point of view, central part of Lithuania. We are producing packaging from polyethylene (HDPE, MDPE, LDPE) and are using and offering film extrusion, converting and printing services. Our production capacities are one of the biggest in the Baltic region (up to 3600 tons).
Portfolio includes: carrier bags, sleeves, garbage bags (heavy duty refuse sacks for garbage collection in the public sector, heavy duty refuse sacks for consumer and industrial use, traditional square sacks). We are also able to offer efficient packaging solutions for retailers.
For the majority of our products we are offering flex printing (up to 6 colors).
We are ecologically responsible and are using oxo - bio additives, which, together with our recycling capacities, make our products one of the most eco-friendly in the region.

"Clean & Green" is a brand promoting waste sorting as a habit 

Garbage bags set "Clean & Green" is a specially designed product which helps to promote waste sorting as a habit, helpful for the planet and for each household. It is one pack of 3-5 different garbage sacks. Each of the sack in a set is meant for different waste groups and is marked by different colours, ranging from yellow to blue.By selling it you are promoting waste sorting and helping your consumer to get used to it. Sacks for paper, glass, plastics, special waste, and residual waste all are included in waste sort pack "Clean & Green". Each sack is not only separated by a colour but also has different technical specifications, intended for different waste: plastic thickness, strength and others. Waste sort pack "Clean & Green" is comfortably packed in one packaging and may be targeted for B2C and B2B. We are also able to print your message on the pack itself. The product was launched on the market in the middle of 2013 and is already sold in 7 European Countries. 

Outsourced Production

Being one of the market leaders, we are able to use our market knowledge and network to offer the best solutions for outsourced production in Lithuania. We choose local producer, have full control of production process and deliver finished goods to our clients.
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